Following global cosmetic trends, A P SALON & SUPPLY with Mutari Pro Skin has developed a line of products for Professional Skin Cleansing suitable for any Biotype or Phototype. It has in its formulation a combination of high performance actives that interact step by step with safety and practicality for the professional looking for an effective skin cleansing protocol with the removal of impurities.

Deep Skin Cleansing is one of the most sought after procedures in aesthetic offices due to all the benefits it promotes, such as: deep cleaning, removal of dead cells, extraction of comedones and removal of oil trapped in the pores, leaving the skin healthier.


• Practicality for the professional and comfort for the client.

• Safety for all skin phototypes and biotypes.

• Express system that does not require the use of steam.

• Dermatologically tested and approved products.

• High profitability of products.AP Salon & Supply is happy to introduce to our family our skin care launch. While partnering with Mutari one of the best companies in Brazil,  we are now able to supply our clients with every single one of their needs.