Fiber Detox Carbon (Home Care)

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The goal of our Fiber Detox Carbon is to cleanse and remove all toxins and harsh chemicals left from such things as bleach, hair dye, light metals, heat, sun damage, perms, products with bad ingredients, straightening, discoloration and more. The goal of our Reconstructor(Recontruction mask) is to take care and treat your hair with vitamins, nutrients, nad proteins needed to be healthier than ever. In simple terms we like to define this kit by saying it removes the bad and adds the good.

 main assets : phylderm vegetal, fiber detox ,black clay


This kit contains in its formula in black clay, which has a large amount of organic matter, sulfur and titanium, which works as an excellent rejuvenating of the hair. The treatment promotes shine, progressive conditioning, detoxification, and removes the light metals and other toxins absorbed on hair surfaces.


Cleasing and removing contaminantion found on the hair.

Carbon replacement,improves blood circulation in the peripheral system, promoting cell renewal.Phylderm Vegetal provides essential nutrients for cell renewal and provides carbon replacement. Fiber Detox combines natural molecules obtained from four different plants, each with specific abilities to capture, cleanse and remove contaminants found on the surface of the hair. Black Clay, considered the noblest of all, has a large amount of organic matter, sulfur and titanium, making it a material with an excellent rejuvenating agent, It improves peripheral blood circulation favoring cell renewal.

Step by Step:

1-Wash your hair 2 times with Fiber Detox Carbon Shampoo. This shampoo is what will remove all toxins and harsh chemicals so make sure to wash it well!

 2- Rinse 

3-Apply Fiber Detox Carbon Reconstrutor section by section and leave on  for 15 minutes or more.

3-Rinse off all product with medium to cold water.