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  • Strengthens the hair and reduces the loss of hair
  • Stable 5W power throughout the procedure
  • Recovers hair fiber due to the use of photons
  • 6 months of warranty against manufacturing defects

The Photon Lizze Extreme is a photonic system accelerator and enhancer of chemical procedures. The only one that has a dual function, with Red and Blue colors, capable of providing extraordinary results that build customer loyalty and more customers.

Photon Lizze is equipped with the highest technology, capable to provide spectacular results in the hair strands. This is because its 450 nanometer Blue Light waves ,come into direct contact with the hair cuticle, obtaining more lasting and surprising results. In addition, its 600 nanometer Red Light activates circulation and strengthens the hair fiber.

The Photon accelerates application and improves results; Softens the hair fiber, better fixing the products in the hair; Ensures uniformity in treatment processes; Ensures durability of the treatment. Strengthens the hair and reduces loss of hair with the application of the Red Light. Another great differential of Photon Lizze Extreme is no need to separate the hair, because the light reach the whole head.

Photon Lizze Extreme has been approved in large salons by renowned professionals, who describe the Photon Lizze Extreme as a Fantastic tool for the hairdresser